Night Sprite



instrumentation: solo flute
duration: approx. 3.5 minutes
format: PDF download (link in your confirmation email)

The creation of this piece began when my dear friend and world-class flutist Johanna Borenstein asked me to write her a solo for an upcoming recital. As I began figeting with ideas, I wasn’t entirely sure what story I wanted to tell. It wasn’t until I had the first two measures written that I was inspired to turn the flute into a woodland sprite. I imagine walking through a calm, quiet forest at dusk. Then, without warning, the sprite bursts from a tree and excitedly starts whirring around the forest. Unable to help her curiosity, her journey is full of stop-and-go as she skips, trips, and tumbles her way through her forest home. Eventually her energy slows; she winds down and disappears as the sun begins its rise.


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